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Small processors that have 1 production facility.
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Recommended for
Small processors that have more than one production facility.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? This might help.

Can I cancel at any time?

You have the ability to cancel your subscription to FoodByte at any time. If you choose to do so, all of your data will be accessible to you for 24 months after your cancellation.

Is it a flat-fee or a monthly subscription?

We use a subscription model, with two payment options (monthly and annual). If you choose to pay on an annual basis, you receive a 10% discount (roughly one month free).

How much does a food safety plan cost to develop?

The cost of a food safety plan will vary from food processor to food processor. In general, the price will depend on your facility, production process, and the industry that you're in (e.g. dairy). You will need to hire a consultant to assess your business and the present risks before getting clear idea of what a plan will cost to develop*.

Using FoodByte may significantly reduce the labor cost of plan development, as it can reduce the time to develop a food safety plan by up to 90%.

* If you have an employee that is qualified to develop a food safety program that meets SFCR regulations, you won't need to hire a consultant.

What type of payments do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards for all payments.

What if I only need traceability to meet SFCR regulations?

If you make more than $100,000 a year in revenue, you will need more than a traceability program to meet SFCR regulations. If your business does not meet this criteria, you may only need to invest in a traceability program.

If this is the case, you can choose to only subscribe to our traceability software at a reduced price of the core software until the time comes you need a full food safety program (e.g. PCP).