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We're changing the way food processors think about food safety.

About us.

FoodByte was created on the heels of regulatory reform across Canada and the United States. As standards increased so did the growing number of food processors without an understanding of how to manage food safety standards and adapt to the quickly changing digital market landscape.

FoodByte supports SMB food manufacturers all over the world. FoodByte’s standard agnostic platform allows manufacturers to automate daily administrative functions and remain audit ready, always! The platform supports the construction of a food safety plan, including HACCP, and endless customized logs.

FoodByte focuses on increasing the capacity and efficiency of our customers. We make it faster, cheaper, and easier to develop, manage, and automate modern food safety programs so neither profits nor food safety are compromised.

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How does FoodByte work?

FoodByte allows you to manage your food safety plan, including automated daily notifications, audits, and HACCP. Here’s how easy it is to get started.

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Select a standard.

Select a standard from FoodByte's list of templated standards.

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Add team members.

Get your team set up on the FoodByte platform.

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Upload your SOPs (HACCP included) and link to monitoring forms.

Don't have a food safety plan? We have trained food safety experts that will walk you through the process, or build you an entire food safety plan (see Expert Advice Plan).

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Set monitoring frequency.

Adjust the monitoring frequency to meet the needs of your team.


You're done!

Enjoy your stress-free food safety plan that has you and your team ready for whatever comes your way!

Book a call with our CEO and start using the leading food safety automation software today.