Students Thrive Through Work Integrated Learning
Apr 1, 2023

Students Thrive Through Work Integrated Learning

Sydney, NS – Students managing full-time studies, families, and part-time work thrive through a work-integrated learning program that prepares graduates for the job market. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Digital Marketing students Heidi Hlubina and Idowu Omisore found a part-time employment opportunity during their first semester. The hands-on approach has students attending full-time classes while working up to 20 hours a week with the Nova Scotia-based technology company FoodByte.

“I've had the freedom to use what I've learned through the program to help spread awareness of the importance of food safety. Seeing social media strategy happen in real time has been an asset to my learning,” says Heidi. “FoodByte CEO and Co-Founder Sean Pindar is a great supporter of continuous learning.”

The virtual part-time employment allows students to work with the CEO in Cape Breton and other employees across the province and Ontario.

“We can immediately apply what we learn in the classroom to the business and see the results. This is building up my confidence and sharpening my digital marketing skills. It’s such a great privilege to be part of FoodByte’s first marketing team and be able to make valuable contributions,” says Idowu.

To date, the students have helped with social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

“We are very pleased with the work students have done to date," says CEO and Co-founder Sean Pindar.

“Like many start-ups and small companies, we have expertise in certain areas but needed help with marketing. We have already seen the results of their work and the impact they have had in helping us grow our company.”

Before ending their part-time employment, students will complete a digital marketing strategy to support the organization. During National Co-Op and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Month, NSCC and other learning institutions celebrate all employers offering work experience opportunities to students – helping prepare them for the workforce.

Founded in 2017, FoodByte Inc. provides cost-effective, time-saving food safety management software to help small and medium-sized food and beverage processors satisfy food safety standards.