Keep track of lot codes without thinking.

Manage your shipping, receiving, and inventory all on one page (from anywhere).

How it works

1. Add your information.

Enter your formulations, ingredients, suppliers, and customers into the system.

2. Track production, shipping, and receiving.

Keep track of all activity from receiving ingredients to shipping finished product to your customers.

3. Automatically track lot codes.

As you log activity (e.g. production), all lot codes will remain traceable both forwards and backwards through your system.
Set up your account, monitor your activity, and the software does the rest.

Features at a glance

Automatically track the flow of external and internal lot codes from receiving raw ingredients, through production, to shipping to your customers.
  • Track internal and external lot codes
  • Search history by lot code
  • Recall lot codes in seconds
Schedule production ahead of time, assigning existing inventory (by lot code) for your production staff to use. Export this information to a batch sheet for easy reference on the production floor.
  • Schedule production ahead of time
  • Export batchsheets
  • Integrate HACCP monitoring
Keep your inventory up to date by tracking your incoming raw product (receiving), ongoing production, and your outgoing finished product (shipping).
  • Automatically update inventory
  • Track loss and disposal over time
  • Quickly identify low stock levels
Keep your formulations secure, stored in the cloud. During production, select a formulation, enter how many units you want to make, and the software will automatically calculate your required inputs.
  • Restrict user access to formulations
  • Automatically calculate inputs
  • Integrate HACCP monitoring
Using the recall manager, you can enter a lot code(s) and instantly pull every record associated with it, including who it was bought from, what products it went into, and who (and when) it was shipped to.
  • Mock recalls for audits
  • Multiple lot codes at once
  • Contact affected parties quickly

Role-based Permissions

Easily control what users have access to your data based on their role at your facility.

Unlimited Users

Add everyone that you need to properly monitor your program without worrying about additional costs.

HACCP Integration

Trigger HACCP monitoring records off scheduled production runs to ensure you're maintaining compliance.

Mock Recalls

Perform mock recalls in a matter of seconds, making audits go faster.

Quickly check inventory

Access your dashboard to get a high level view of your current inventory and scheduled production across multiple locations.

Secure Cloud Storage

Keep your data where it's safe - in the cloud. All your data is held on secure servers to ensure your records are never lost.

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