Preventive Control plans

The easiest way to stay compliant with SFCR.

Automate the management of your food safety program.

How it works

1. Develop your plan.

Add your standards, SOPs, tables, etc. Enter the frequencies and monitoring roles and publish your plan.

2. Generate your monitoring schedule.

Add your team, assign roles, and automatically generate your monitoring schedule.

3. Ongoing monitoring.

Every day, your staff will receive emails telling them what forms they need to complete that day. Once the forms are completed and signed, they will be verified by your program manager and logged for future audits.
Set up your account, monitor your activity, and the software does the rest.

Features at a glance

Create custom standards or load in standards from pre-defined templates (e.g. PCP, FSEP). Each standard has an assigned frequency and role for monitoring.
  • Custom standards
  • Pre-defined plan templates
  • Role-based monitoring
Edit a set of standardized SOPs to fit your facility and production process. All SOPs are referenced in their associated standards via monitoring forms.
  • Custom SOPs
  • Access SOPs from monitoring forms
  • Restrict editing access
Store all consumer protection information relevant for meeting SFCR regulations safely in the cloud.
  • SFCR compliant forms
  • Secure storage
  • Easy reference for audits
Automated daily reminders in your employee’s inbox telling them exactly what needs to get done each day. All records are verified and stored in your monitoring logs for future reference during audits.
  • Digital signatures
  • Automated email reminders
  • Record verification
Automatically generate deviation forms when food safety is compromised. Outline corrective actions and schedule a follow-up monitoring task.
  • SFCR compliant deviation forms
  • Deviation verification
  • Corrective actions

Daily Email Reminders

Automated daily reminders sent to your monitors linking directly to their monitoring forms.

Unlimited Users

Add everyone that you need to properly monitor your program without worrying about additional costs.

HACCP Integration

Trigger HACCP monitoring records off scheduled production runs to ensure you're maintaining compliance.

Digital Signatures

Increase validity of records with digital signatures, time stamps, and user verification.

Monitoring Logs

Access a log of all completed monitoring forms, verification records, and deviations.

Track Deviations

Monitor ongoing deviations and identify key issues to be addressed during plan reassessments.

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