Identify and control hazards within your facility.

Develop custom HACCP plans based on your formulations and process flow.

How it works

1. Develop your plan.

Enter you formulations, ingredients, processes, and all associated hazards. Lay out your process and traffic flow diagrams.

2. Identify hazards and determine CCPs.

Determine what significant hazards are CCPs and require monitoring outside of your existing food safety program.

3. Export plan or integrate with Traceability.

Export your plan to PDF for future reference, or integrate your HACCP plans with traceability to monitoring CCPs during production.
Set up your account, monitor your activity, and the software does the rest.

Features at a glance

Integrate your HACCP plans with ongoing production to allow your staff to easily monitor CCPs. Quickly identify issues and process according to your SOPS.
  • CCP monitoring
  • Automatically generated forms
  • Search completed records
Access hundreds of ingredients and hazards aggregated from reputable sources such as CFIA and FDA.
  • Biological, chemical, and physical hazards
  • Search by ingredient
  • Search by process
Determine critical control points from a list of significant hazards. CCPs will automatically appear on your process flow diagram for easy reference.
  • SFCR compliant CCP determination
  • Mark hazards as significant
  • Integrate with PCP
Enter your processes and their associated hazards, organize, and draw your process flow. Automatically update your process flow based on future changes in your traffic flow.
  • Sync with traffic flow
  • Associate hazards with processes
  • Add custom processes
Import your facility layout and automatically populate your traffic flow diagram from your existing processes.
  • Colored and dashed lines
  • Automatically populate diagram
  • Import your facility layout
Export batchsheets for a specific formulation to be used in ongoing production. Add custom notes, CCPs, and any other relevant information your production staff needs.
  • Customize batchsheet format
  • Digital signatures
  • Integrate with traceability

Formulation Variants

Include variations of formulations on a single HACCP plan, minimizing duplication.

Integrate with Traceability

Connect your HACCP plans with traceability to include CCP monitoring during production.

Hazard Database

Access a large database of hazards associated with specific ingredients or processes.

Export to PDF

Easily export your HACCP plans to a PDF format.

Critical Control Points

Determine CCPs and establish monitoring procedures to be used during production.

Multiple users

Allow more than one user to access and edit a plan. Track edits by user over time.

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